Fujitsu Celsius Workstations

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Engineered to support creativity, simulation and visualization to the highest level Fujitsu Celsius produces some fantastic Workstations. Made for use with demanding applications in various fields like CAD, AEC, CAE and HPC (High performance computing), these workstations truly deliver. Enjoy a large selection of compatible, Xeon processors, Memory, Hard drives, Graphics cards and much more with bargain hardware's CTO (Configure-to-order) website which allows you to produce the workstation that your company needs.
Everything should be available on our configurators for you to build the perfect system for your applications. Should you require something that isn't available we'd love to hear from you on: live chat, email or via telephone (01254 878801).

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  1. Fujitsu Celsius R930n Workstation - Front

    Fujitsu Celsius R930n Workstation

    Availability: In stock


    • 2x Twelve (12) Core Xeon
    • 16x 32GB (512GB) DDR3 RAM
    • 2x PCI-e 3.0 Graphics Expansion Slots
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    Base From: £240.00

  2. Fujitsu Celsius R920 Workstation

    Fujitsu Celsius R920 Workstation

    Availability: Out of stock

    • Single or Dual Processor
      Up to Eight (8) Core Xeon
    • 16 Memory Slots
      Up to 512GB DDR3 RAM
    • Up to 1x Graphics Cards
      Up to 800W Power Supply
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    Multiple Grades Available

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