HP Z400

The HP Z400 brings the performance you must have, at the price you need. Professionally refurbished by Bargain Hardware the surprisingly cheap Z400, offers a perfect solution for demanding workloads and multimedia applications including CAD and video editing.
The HP Z400 is powered by Intel Xeon 3500 & 3600 Series CPUs, up to Hex (6) core count, speeds of up to 3.46GHz and up to 12MB cache. 6 DIMM slots allow for up to 48GB DDR3 RAM compatibility with speeds of up to 1333Mhz. On the storage front, the Z400 has capacity for 2 x 3.5” and 3 x 5.25” bays for SATA HDDs and SSDs and the controller is an integrated SATA 3.0 Gb/sec which has RAID 0, 1, 5 & 10 support. In the I/O department there are 10 x 2.0 USB slots, up to 8 PCIe slots and an integrated Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet port, whilst power is supplied through the Energy Star 475W PSU.
HPs in-depth testing ensures that the system is top quality throughout. Close relationships with ISVs certify that the HP Z400 is tested and fully optimized to work with many of the applications you use day-in day-out.
Thanks to our huge buying power we at Bargain Hardware are able to pass massive savings on to you. Take advantage of our expertise and configure your HP Z400 to meet your requirements using out Configure-To- Order options, or alternatively, please click on the contact us button.

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