HP Z800

Achieve power and precision with a professionally refurbished HP Z800 from Bargain Hardware. Sporting a stylish brushed aluminium tower case the HP Z800 is a dual-socket Workstation powerhouse perfect for businesses in media, graphics design and CAD industries.
Two Intel Xeon CPUs with up to 6 cores each, speeds of up to 3.6GHz and up to 12MB cache give you massive CPU power to tackle rendering jobs efficiently. 12 DDR3 DIMM slots onboard give you the option of up to 192GB DDR3 RAM at 1866MHz. High speed video and multi monitor configurations are supported by a wide range of GDDR5 nVidia Quadro graphics card options using the two onboard PCI-e graphics slots.
To remain competitive businesses must not only offer incredible pricing but complete work within tight deadlines. It's not enough to know that your workstation will just run the software you require but, you need a workstation primed for your work. HP ISV certifications with many major applications such as ANSYS, Dassault and AutoDesk ensure that your machine is not just capable of running these applications, but is ready to tackle every feature available.
Storage is provided by 4 x 3.5” internal bays taking SATA/SAS HDDs or SSDs plus 3 x 5.25” external optical bays. I/O includes 6 x PCIe slots and 1 x PCI slot, along with 9 x USB, 1 x serial and 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports. All of this is powered by a tool-less 850W or 1110W 85% Efficient Wide-Ranging, Active PFC Power Supply.
The HP Z800 Workstation supports a plethora of configurations at every component level. Using the unique Bargain Hardware configure-to- order system you can optimise your refurbished Z800 to meet strict price requirements or high-powered speed preferences. Our sales and support team are on hand to answer all of your inquiries so please don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.

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