HPE Apollo a6000 Gen9 Blade Server

A cost-effective HPE Apollo a6000 rack-system offers a space-conscious solution for enterprises looking to add a flexible hyper-converged system to their network. A plethora of manageability features, expansive scalability and impressive efficiency make the Apollo a6000 the perfect solution for large enterprises across the globe.
The dense Apollo a6000 5U rack-server equipped with ten ProLiant XL230a Gen9 blades allows for up to a whopping 440-cores, through the use of Intel Xeon E5-2600 V4 processors and an impressive 20TB of high-speed DDR4 RAM with 16 x 128GB LR-DIMMs per node. Four front facing 2.5" drive bays provide storage with high-speed SSD storage paired with the H240 HBA controller being preferred for ultimate performance and a cost-effective integrated B140i SATA controller offering a improved core per pound ratio.
An external powershelf setup provides highly efficient power and manageability. Able to drive multiple Apollo a6000's each powershelf system offers individual component management for increased controller, this paired with iLO4 management makes the a6000 truly reliable and manageable. .
Each refurbished Apollo a6000 is fully customisable and can be specified to meet your requirements using our Configure-To-Order options, or please get in touch with us by using the contact button.

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  • HPE Apollo A6000 - Front

    HPE Apollo a6000 Node Server

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    Multiple Grades Available

    • Ten or Twenty Processor
      Up to Twenty-Two (22) Core Xeon
    • 160 Memory Slots
      Up to 10TB DDR4 RAM
    • 40 x 2.5" (SFF) Bays
      SAS-3 12G Compatibility

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