IBM E & H-Chassis Blade Series

IBM BladeCenter infrastructure combines decades of industry leading technology from the world's largest IT company to deliver the most densely configured server architecture available. Ideal for collocated datacentre installations, server farms and HPPC clustering, blade server models such as the IBM HS21 and HS21XM provide unbeatable power and price efficiencies for large scale projects and IT consolidation.
Refurbished IBM blade servers and BladeCenter enclosures from bargain hardware enable further cost savings aswell as custom configuration options not even offered from the manufacturer. We stock a wide range of components to enable us to meet your every budget and specification requirements.  If you can't find exactly what you need in our store then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can send us a mail via contact us, use our live chat facility when you see us online, or just pick up the phone and dial 01254 878 801.

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