Why Buy Refurbished

Unbeatable Value

Buying refurbished IT hardware will save you anywhere from 50% to 90% off the list price of a new server, PC or laptop and almost always provide a better specification to boot. Whereby the price of new server options and CPU upgrades can be prohibitively expensive for all but the most extravagant of budgets, used and refurbished hardware components offer just the same reliability at a significantly discounted price.

New equipment must recover research and development costs, as well as major marketing and engineering overheads. All of these costs are absorbed by the large corporate and public sector entities with their initial purchase. By the time they decide to refresh their equipment the initial outlay has been written off, providing for huge discounts in the secondary market. At Bargain Hardware we hold tens of thousands of DDR RAM modules, Intel CPUs, Hard Drives and Interface Cards in stock at any time. This provides the opportunity for you to max out your build to order system with a top of the range spec and still make huge savings against a new machine.

Proven Reliability

All the servers, Desktop PCs, workstations and