Fujtisu Celsius R920 Workstation

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Fujitsu's best-in-class Dual-Socket LGA2011 workstation, the Celsius R920. The reliability of the R920 is second to none, with first-class benchmark results being achieved, this powerful 24-core workstation is designed to achieve everything you could want and more.
Featuring two E5-2600 V1 & V2 processor sockets, the Celsius R920 can equip up to two Twelve Core processors such as the E5-2697 V2 to supply you with an incredible 48 threads in a quiet manageable chassis. 16 Quad-Channel DIMM slots allow for configuration of up to 512GB RAM to ensure you're always prepared for your latest task. Tested and optimized for ultra-high-end 3D graphics cards, this system ships with, up to, a 90% efficient 1100W PSU with 4 x PCIe Gen3 expansion slots.
Demanding deadlines in design industries are ever present and Fujitsu know this. It's not enough to know that your workstation will just run your software, you need a workstation primed for your work. HP ISV certifications with many major applications such as ANSYS, Dassault and AutoDesk ensure that your machine is not just capable of running these applications, but is able to power through every feature available. German engineering ensures that the chassis is low-noise and truly flexible with easy access drive bays and config flexibility. For uncompromising performance for extreme requirements, look no further than the R920.
Only at Bargain Hardware can you configure every aspect of this R920 to meet your price and performance requirements. From SAS, SATA and SSD Drives to an array of Graphics expansion cards, every option is available to customize your system for any task.

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  1. Fujitsu Celsius R920 Workstation

    Fujitsu Celsius R920 Workstation

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    • Single or Dual Processor
      Up to Eight (8) Core Xeon
    • 16 Memory Slots
      Up to 512GB DDR3 RAM
    • Up to 1x Graphics Cards
      Up to 800W Power Supply
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