HP ProLiant SL390s G7

The HP ProLiant SL390s G7 server is part of a new family, HP ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System. Optimized for scale-out customers to greatly reduce costs and maximize power efficiency by sharing power supplies and fans, and maintain total flexibility. The SL390s G7 consists of three different server trays, each with their own benefits. The SL390s G7 is a two socket Intel serverwith 12 DDR3 DIMM sockets, two 1Gb Ethernet ports, one 10Gb Ethernet port (SFP+) and an option on board InfiniBand port(QSFP).

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  • HP ProLiant SL390s G7 LHS 2x 3.5" (LFF)

    HP ProLiant SL390s G7 LHS 2x 3.5" (LFF)

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    • 2x Hexa (6) Core Xeon CPUs
    • 12x 16GB DDR3 Registered RAM
    • 2x 3.5" SAS/SATA
    • 1x I/O expansion mezzanine slots